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Deep River Saints is a folk-rock band from Vermont. Our first album was Acts of American Homes, an album that Seven Days called "A deep and honest self portrait" and the Burlington Free Press named one of the top local albums of 2015. 

This project grew out of a mix of former, louder, bands that I had in either California or in Vermont. I spent years wailing on heavier guitar sounds and the like, but during that time I noticed I had more and more quiet folk songs that wanted attention. That book of songs grew until I wanted to try a project in this fashion. It started as a recording project only, until finally in 2014 Deep River Saints began in earnest. The following year we had the album released. 

With today's incarnation of Deep River Saints, we're really aiming to take our folk and Americana roots and breathe some fresh sounds into it, pressing on the genres gently and quietly to build songs that sound like their nostalgic subjects.

At the moment, myself and good friends are hard at work on the next album, For Posterity, a work that looks back at the big questions of young-adulthood and watching friends go their separate ways.  

For Posterity, coming in March, is being produced and engineered by guitarist and composer David William Ross. Featured throughout the album is a variety of friends and session musicians. It's a work that we are all excited to share.

While you wait for the release, please take a moment to listen to our previous release. You can also watch some live videos of us at The Stone Church in Brattleboro, Vermont. 


- Patrick J Crowley & Deep River Saints

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Deep River Saints logo (PNG format, click to download)

Deep River Saints logo (PNG format, click to download)