Announcing For Posterity, our new album.

 Artwork by Ian Walker

Artwork by Ian Walker

After a lot of hard work, we are extremely excited to announce that our new album, For Posterity, is finished and will be released on April 6, 2018.

Here's one of the songs, City of Fountains:

This album was produced, engineered and mixed by David William Ross, who joins Deep River Saints on electric guitar.

For Posterity is about looking back at the big questions of young adulthood and watching friends go their separate ways. It's also about how and why we keep memories. Working on the tracking, we tried to apply layers that would help to enhance those feelings of unsettled nostalgia and hazy half-dreams of our younger years. It's a folk-rock record with an evolved sound compared to our previous release.

David and Patrick kicked off this album in 2016, first planning out song choices and vision through a variety of demos and playlists. Tracking carried on at various locations in New Hampshire and Vermont and a list of talented friends joined us on the songs.

Full credits:

Produced, recorded and mixed by David William Ross
Songs/lyrics by Patrick J Crowley
Arrangements/music by David William Ross
Mastered by Sangwook Nam at Jacob’s Well Mastering 

Patrick J Crowley (vocals, guitar) 
David William Ross (electric guitars and sound design) 
Erick Lattrell (vibraphone) 
Reilly Graham (pedal steel guitar) 
Josh Cleaver (upright bass) 
Josh Evans (organ) 
George Robinson (drums) 

For Posterity is an independent self-release, but you will be able to get the album at most major streaming outlets and online digital music stores. We will also have a run of CDs and, hopefully, a small limited run of vinyl when we can afford that. We look forward to sharing the full album and supporting it with live shows later this year.

- Patrick J Crowley / Deep River Saints

Patrick Crowley