Patrick's self-promotional writing page

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Since I have this site, I figured it might be a good idea to store some writing samples, just in case, so I've hijacked a page for personal use over here.

This page includes an excerpt from my novel, Reincarnation Tapes, which I released a few years ago. My book is about musicians and is loosely based on people that I knew in and around a music studio in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles. I took many liberties and exaggerated details for the sake of storytelling. 

Also on this portfolio page are a few clips from my journalism days. I wrote hundreds of articles for the Brattleboro Reformer, many of them mundane small-town issue that I've since forgotten. There were exceptions, however, and I've chosen a few articles that I think were special. 

Lastly, I write a decent amount of short fiction, and I've thrown up a couple short stories (though one of those is not all that short). 

Patrick J Crowley - writing portfolio

Patrick Crowley